This is How You Put Your Team On: Slime Language 2

Three Years after Young Thug’s first studio album Slime Language, which reached number 8 on the Billboard Hot 100, he has since then released a new album. On April 16th, the second compilation album entitled, Slime language 2, was compiled with artists from his Younger Stoner Life record label and a few household name guests. Some guest returners were Lil Uzi Vert and Lil Baby. The new guests were Drake, Future, Travis Scott, Big Sean, Kid Cudi, Meek Mill, Lil Uzi Vert, Skepta, Lil Baby, Sheck Wes, and NAV.

Compilations albums can be a hit or miss and you have to treat them as such. The tracks that are on compilations are usually experimental by the big name artist or songs that the underdogs were never going to put out on their solo project. There is also no clear theme when it comes to compilation albums. For example, SL2 has no theme but the artists’ sounds mirror sing-song rap delivery. The similar sounds aren’t just because these artists were handpicked by Thug, who is known to do sing-song rap but Thug is a huge influence in the rap industry. A number of the songs were produced by Wheezy, also a member of YSL records, that lends a cohesion with the colorful beats and energetic tempos.

This album stood for more than a body of work but also as a representation of Young Thug’s superiority in the rap game and Thug’s willingness to bring up others. SL2 featured up-and-coming rappers of the label mixed in with A-listers, and if anybody could make that happen, Thug can. For example, Young Thug paid Lil Baby to leave the street life and to come to the studio, how could Lil Baby say no. With discovering artist like Baby and Gunna, Thug has a way with discovering the next big thing, and he knows that. That is why a three year break was probably purposefully done — not to prepare himself — to be sure that his label mates were putting out quality work, and for a lot of loyal Young Thug listeners, this would probably be their first time hearing some members of the YSL crew.

The project started off really strong but in the latter half, it became boring and unappealing. With a bulging tracklist on SL2, it leaves a lot of room for hits or misses. By the time you get to track 23, the highly anticipated album either left you satisfied or disappointed.

It’s only right to acknowledge the first song of the album, Slatty featuring Yak Gotti and Lil Duke, which does a good job of setting the tone. The tempo is lively and bouncy — a common sound when it comes to Thugs music.

The second song of the project, Ski featuring Gunna, seems to be the most popular song right now. The popularity comes at no surprise because of many tactics. It has that fun, trap colorful beat. The chanting horn with the repetitive yeah delivered by Young Thug gives the illusion of being in an arena as the yeahs’ bounce back and forth. This song, strategically, has a dance challenge that everyone has gravitated towards. Songs at the top of the billboard this past year have made its way up there because of the dance that created more exposure for the song.

Next song is Solid featuring Drake. I am not a huge Drake listener, but I enjoyed the chorus that he delivered on this song. Usually when I am okay with a Drake song, his true fans aren’t- and I can see that being the case here. With the lazy lyrics and boring voice. Each player on the song, including Gunna and Young Thug delivered in a low and stagnant sound.

Lil Uzi Vert and Young Thug came together on the collaboration for Proud of You — a snippet that had been lingering around for over two years. The chorus of Proud of You is addictive and makes you suddenly want to sing along, even on the first listen.

It’s always fun to hear from Uzi, cause you know what to expect. He makes good mood music and exudes his carefree personality through the sound of his voice, and that’s exactly what took place on this track. Even though ,when the lyrics are mapped out, their individual verses didn’t create as much of a cohesion, you can feel the chemistry between both artists as you listen to the song.

Another collaboration was Young Thug and Future on Superstar. The song begins with a flute that gives it this level of elegance. This was one of those experimental tracks — that I quite enjoyed. Future’s experimental screechy voice, that we’ve heard on previous tracks like La Di Da Di Da, made a return.

The last song I will dive into is my personal favorite. Real featuring Unfoonk. Unfoonk was able to hold his ground. It starts off with a very mellow pluck and stroke of a guitar. Unfoonk has a very defined sound, even though he also does sing-song rap, his raspy slur separates him from the rest of the YSL crew.

The album also included a lot of women artists, including Thug’s longtime girlfriend Karlae, who has been able to create music within the past few years that isn’t clouded by the success of Thug.

As a compilation album, this didn’t let me down because I didn’t go in with high hopes. There were more hits than misses, and Young Thug has a way of being able to polish an artist, and I think he will do no different with this batch.



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